Monday, May 07, 2007

Say it, say it now.

I really am LOVING the new Electrelane cd called No Shouts No Calls.

I bought it this past weekend from Music Saves. It came with a SUPER cool
embroidered patch. I just love silly things like that. I need a coat to put it on. Maybe
I should just put it on a sweatshirt.

I really don't know how to attach embroidered
patches. I found something called"Patch Attach". I wonder if that would work?

I have a few other patches I would like to wear.

Oh my god. How old am I?

I would say it's a sort of "mid-life" crisis type thing... but I have always
loved this kind of thing.

I guess 40-something can look like me too. Not just like all the 40-somethings I have seen on tv, read about or met in my 4 decades of life.

By the is the BEST song on the new Electrelane cd. At least
what I think is the best so far.

Cut and Run-Electrelane

Now go buy the cd and get the patch!