Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Okay...it's that time of year.

What are your fave cds for this year?

With the death of albums, I think it's easier to name fave songs now.

Or maybe, fave artist. Or maybe I can stop using "fave".

Top Musical Artists for 2006

(definitely BEST video of the year)

The Blow - (The new cd got a pretty good rating from the snobs at

Peter Bjorn and John - (The song Young Folks is sooo catchy but has been used

Pony Up - (I hate when bands only have a
myspace site)

Oppenheimer - (see above

Kimya Dawson - (Her
website has lots of MP3s that you can check out. She also had a baby this year that she named Panda.)

Not really in that order.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Innocent and cheap and adorable and so much fun

That's what Rebecca said about "stonecoldbikini on ice". I think she's right.

It turned out sooooo wonderfully. Over 160 people showed up to skate
around and around and listen to indie pop songs.

I think I smiled non-stop the whole night.
I am still walking on air.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm feeling so nervous!!

This coming Saturday is stonecoldbikini on ice.

I have been working on the playlist for weeks!
Which Aislers Set song? Should I play new Mirah? Old Mirah?
Should I play the Decemberists? How about the Smiths? Which song?

I hope people show up. I made some buttons to hand out to the first 50 people.

I hope at least 25 people show up. I am praying that the sound equipment works.

UGH! I keep thinking about everything that could go wrong.

"Typical me, typical me, typical me."