Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Brokeback" wins gays place in Hollywood history

I thought this headline from "Reuters Entertainment News" was pretty funny. What's next?





Okay...here's another song for ya. It's the Stars covering The Boss.(Sorry, too late. I removed the link. C'mon! Keep up!) I'm not sure if I like it or not yet. Tell me what you think. It's a live recording.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Amen Break

This is really cool. I have always loved this drum beat and never knew anything about it. It's like a drug. Whenever I hear it, I immediately want to hear it more.

Listen to this whole thing. You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2 Songs

These are two songs I have been listening to today. The first one is a Kimya Dawson song I downloaded from my fave MP3 site, Said The Gramophone. The song is called My Rollercoaster. It's a lot of fun. Silly fun.

The other song is from the new Stereolab cd called Fab Four Suture. The song is called Vodiak. It's a lot of fun. It makes you do the head turn dance. Like when those guys on Saturday Night Live do their Christmas song.

Enjoy these two songs. I am only going to have the links up for a few days. Sorry, the songs have been removed. Snooze, ya looze.

Friday, February 17, 2006


On the way to work today I was listening to the Jose Gonzalez cd, Veneer. I was thinking, "Hey, I should make a copy of this for someone. It's so beautiful."

Jose Gonzalez is from Sweden and supposedly very big there. He and Jens Lekman both.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out who I should make the copy for. I thought of a couple of people. People who I think have really good taste in music. I thought if they have "good taste" in music, how could they not like something that is this good.

Then I thought about how that sometimes doesn't work. How two people with very good, refined taste in music could not find the beauty in each other's favorite songs.

I thought, maybe it was like a literal "taste" like in foods. I HATE onions. I cannot eat them without feeling like I want to throw up. So if someone makes the most AMAZING French Onion soup I can't ever think it tastes good.

Nah. I don't think it's the same kinda thing. I think if you can't hear the beauty in songs that are considered brilliant, you really don't have good taste in music. You can't tell what is good and what isn't. That doesn't mean you don't LOVE music. It just means you don't really know what "good" music is.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Holistic Veterinarian

This past weekend I went to visit my parents. My mom wanted me to go with her to take her dog, Cheech, to the vet. They have had Cheech for about a year now and he's never been to a vet. He's about a year old and has only had one "puppy shot", whatever that means.

Cheech is one freaky little dog. He's a Chihuahua but really tall and spazzy. I have been around a lot of Chihauhuas and have never met one this nutty.

My mom got a gift certificate for $50 worth of veterinarian services at a local office. When my mom handed me the certificate to look for the address I noticed it was for an "organic, holistic" vet. I was worried.

Then I saw the name. Nan Decker. She is was a vet in Cleveland Heights and then in Euclid for a long time and I heard nothing but good things about her. I stopped with the smart-assed comments in my head.

It turned out to be a nice visit and Cheech is in good health.

Friday, February 03, 2006

February mornings

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On my way to work this morning I passed under these sneakers hanging on a wire.

I pass under these sneakers almost every week day. I can be in the best mood and these sad blue sneakers always bum me out.

Maybe it was because it was rainy and cold and I was listening to "Romulus" by Sufjan Stevens I decided to get out of my car and take a picture of them.

I almost got hit by a garbage truck in the process.

Taking a picture of the lonely pair of Converse put me in a good mood.