Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Oy. It's started.

The whole rushing towards Christmas. It feels like running to slide under the garage door as it's coming down.

My Thanksgiving was very nice. I spent it with the "coffee group".

Deb and Eric hosted a wonderful evening filled with wonderful eats, witty conversation, fabulous wine and an ass-whipping by Deb and Calvin in a game of Rummy.

On Friday I went with Sharon to the 'still under construction' Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Barcelona exhibit. It was interesting. Many different mediums. Lots of Miro and Picasso of course.

One critique is that there was ONE woman artist in the whole exhibit. I do not remember that but Leslie told me. She keeps close track of that sort of thing.

There was an artist in the exhibit that I really liked, his name is Ramon Casas. Beautiful work.

As I walked around the gallery, I kept bumping into people with what looked like circa 1989 cell phone to their ears. They were listening to an audio tour of the show. I had never seen that sort of device used for the audio guide.

It gave me the feeling that they were a bunch of rude schmucks that could not take a second to get off their cell phone. I eventually got that ill-conceived bad taste out of my mouth and then heard some guy talking into one...then I realized he was one of the few with an actual cell phone to his ear.

That night my back was killing me so much I had to miss a visit with some WRUW folks at Muldoons. That was quite the bummer.

On Saturday afternoon I met Ann and Mary at a wine shop near Chagrin Falls for a wine tasting. They rode their bike to the shop from Cleveland Heights. Crazy kids. They bought a delicious assorted case of wine. Oh..and yes...they put a whole case of wine on their two bikes to ride home with.

On Sunday I went down to the radio station to sub for the show Delirium. The hosts were out of town and they needed someone to come down and make sure their Associate Programmer who is learning the ropes did not mess up. I mostly had to just sit there and make sure she didn't shout expletives into the mic or set the place on fire.

It was an easy job because their AP is my good friend Rebecca and she is a better programmer now then some of the folks that have been there for a few years are. I'm really happy she wants to be part of the WRUW dysfunctional family.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Last night Ann and I watched the Pixies documentary called Loud Quiet Loud.

It was pretty interesting. Kim and Kelly Deal are pretty nutty. In a way I like though.

The drummer, Dave Lovering seems like he might be gay. And he seems like he has a TON of issues. He also is a magician. Oh...and he likes going up and down beaches with a metal detector.

Frank Black seems like he has TONS O' resentment about Kim Deal becoming so famous. Although his wife and Joey Santiago's wife look a LOT like Kim Deal. Ann and I thought that was pretty interesting.

Joey Santiago works on a lot of soundtracks. He seems like the most down to earth, emotionally healthiest one of the bunch.

Kim was the only one during the whole thing that seemed to really enjoy playing concerts. I loved that she is big into the crafts. During the movie her Kim Deal's mother said she was happy that the Pixies were touring, "it gave Kim something to do besides sit at home and do all her crafts."

Another thing about Kim Deal....I don't think she stopped smoking once during the whole thing.
New Crush

I sometimes wonder why I just love music so much. Why I get so crazy over a new song or sound. I think I just this moment figured it out!

I was just listening to a new song by the band Boyskout from their new cd Another Life. The song is called "Everybody Knew".

As I was listening to the song, I got that same feeling I get when I am crushed out on someone.

I was sitting there working on Chronicle website updates thinking..."Why am I feeling like this? Who am I crushed out on?"

It's the damn song! It must release the same chemicals, signals, etc., that a new crush releases in my pea brain.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

Dan gave me his most recent copy of Details to peruse through yesterday.

I asked him for it when I saw he got it. I have never read it and was wondering what it was like.

On the cover is Lance Armstrong. A photo taken by super freak Terry Richardson.

As I flipped through the pages looking at the handsome pouty-faced boy models I noticed that almost all the stories had something about how NOT to LOOK, SOUND, FEEL, SEEM, or BE gay.

It was kind of funny. Almost EVERY story!

Okay, my advice to men who don't want to be gay is:

Don't fall in love with, have a crush on, or have sex with other men.

There. It's just that easy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tokyo Bob

My friend Bob went to Tokyo last month. He loves all things Japanese. He sent me a box of souvenirs which included "Black Black 10 Gum Sticks."

I tried one of them expecting a licorice flavor. It did sort of taste like "licorice" but also a lot like dirty basement floor.

Tony a co-worker looked up Black Black 10 Gum Sticks on the internet only to find that it's a double caffeinated "energy gum."

Yuck. I loved the lemon lime "gum sticks" tho. Bob also sent a gorgeous handkerchief and a cd of photos of his trip which included this one.

Isn't he and his boyfriend cute?