Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Okay...it's that time of year.

What are your fave cds for this year?

With the death of albums, I think it's easier to name fave songs now.

Or maybe, fave artist. Or maybe I can stop using "fave".

Top Musical Artists for 2006

(definitely BEST video of the year)

The Blow - (The new cd got a pretty good rating from the snobs at

Peter Bjorn and John - (The song Young Folks is sooo catchy but has been used

Pony Up - (I hate when bands only have a
myspace site)

Oppenheimer - (see above

Kimya Dawson - (Her
website has lots of MP3s that you can check out. She also had a baby this year that she named Panda.)

Not really in that order.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Innocent and cheap and adorable and so much fun

That's what Rebecca said about "stonecoldbikini on ice". I think she's right.

It turned out sooooo wonderfully. Over 160 people showed up to skate
around and around and listen to indie pop songs.

I think I smiled non-stop the whole night.
I am still walking on air.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm feeling so nervous!!

This coming Saturday is stonecoldbikini on ice.

I have been working on the playlist for weeks!
Which Aislers Set song? Should I play new Mirah? Old Mirah?
Should I play the Decemberists? How about the Smiths? Which song?

I hope people show up. I made some buttons to hand out to the first 50 people.

I hope at least 25 people show up. I am praying that the sound equipment works.

UGH! I keep thinking about everything that could go wrong.

"Typical me, typical me, typical me."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Oy. It's started.

The whole rushing towards Christmas. It feels like running to slide under the garage door as it's coming down.

My Thanksgiving was very nice. I spent it with the "coffee group".

Deb and Eric hosted a wonderful evening filled with wonderful eats, witty conversation, fabulous wine and an ass-whipping by Deb and Calvin in a game of Rummy.

On Friday I went with Sharon to the 'still under construction' Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Barcelona exhibit. It was interesting. Many different mediums. Lots of Miro and Picasso of course.

One critique is that there was ONE woman artist in the whole exhibit. I do not remember that but Leslie told me. She keeps close track of that sort of thing.

There was an artist in the exhibit that I really liked, his name is Ramon Casas. Beautiful work.

As I walked around the gallery, I kept bumping into people with what looked like circa 1989 cell phone to their ears. They were listening to an audio tour of the show. I had never seen that sort of device used for the audio guide.

It gave me the feeling that they were a bunch of rude schmucks that could not take a second to get off their cell phone. I eventually got that ill-conceived bad taste out of my mouth and then heard some guy talking into one...then I realized he was one of the few with an actual cell phone to his ear.

That night my back was killing me so much I had to miss a visit with some WRUW folks at Muldoons. That was quite the bummer.

On Saturday afternoon I met Ann and Mary at a wine shop near Chagrin Falls for a wine tasting. They rode their bike to the shop from Cleveland Heights. Crazy kids. They bought a delicious assorted case of wine. Oh..and yes...they put a whole case of wine on their two bikes to ride home with.

On Sunday I went down to the radio station to sub for the show Delirium. The hosts were out of town and they needed someone to come down and make sure their Associate Programmer who is learning the ropes did not mess up. I mostly had to just sit there and make sure she didn't shout expletives into the mic or set the place on fire.

It was an easy job because their AP is my good friend Rebecca and she is a better programmer now then some of the folks that have been there for a few years are. I'm really happy she wants to be part of the WRUW dysfunctional family.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Last night Ann and I watched the Pixies documentary called Loud Quiet Loud.

It was pretty interesting. Kim and Kelly Deal are pretty nutty. In a way I like though.

The drummer, Dave Lovering seems like he might be gay. And he seems like he has a TON of issues. He also is a magician. Oh...and he likes going up and down beaches with a metal detector.

Frank Black seems like he has TONS O' resentment about Kim Deal becoming so famous. Although his wife and Joey Santiago's wife look a LOT like Kim Deal. Ann and I thought that was pretty interesting.

Joey Santiago works on a lot of soundtracks. He seems like the most down to earth, emotionally healthiest one of the bunch.

Kim was the only one during the whole thing that seemed to really enjoy playing concerts. I loved that she is big into the crafts. During the movie her Kim Deal's mother said she was happy that the Pixies were touring, "it gave Kim something to do besides sit at home and do all her crafts."

Another thing about Kim Deal....I don't think she stopped smoking once during the whole thing.
New Crush

I sometimes wonder why I just love music so much. Why I get so crazy over a new song or sound. I think I just this moment figured it out!

I was just listening to a new song by the band Boyskout from their new cd Another Life. The song is called "Everybody Knew".

As I was listening to the song, I got that same feeling I get when I am crushed out on someone.

I was sitting there working on Chronicle website updates thinking..."Why am I feeling like this? Who am I crushed out on?"

It's the damn song! It must release the same chemicals, signals, etc., that a new crush releases in my pea brain.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

Dan gave me his most recent copy of Details to peruse through yesterday.

I asked him for it when I saw he got it. I have never read it and was wondering what it was like.

On the cover is Lance Armstrong. A photo taken by super freak Terry Richardson.

As I flipped through the pages looking at the handsome pouty-faced boy models I noticed that almost all the stories had something about how NOT to LOOK, SOUND, FEEL, SEEM, or BE gay.

It was kind of funny. Almost EVERY story!

Okay, my advice to men who don't want to be gay is:

Don't fall in love with, have a crush on, or have sex with other men.

There. It's just that easy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tokyo Bob

My friend Bob went to Tokyo last month. He loves all things Japanese. He sent me a box of souvenirs which included "Black Black 10 Gum Sticks."

I tried one of them expecting a licorice flavor. It did sort of taste like "licorice" but also a lot like dirty basement floor.

Tony a co-worker looked up Black Black 10 Gum Sticks on the internet only to find that it's a double caffeinated "energy gum."

Yuck. I loved the lemon lime "gum sticks" tho. Bob also sent a gorgeous handkerchief and a cd of photos of his trip which included this one.

Isn't he and his boyfriend cute?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

stonecoldbikini on ice!

Ann and I went to the Cleveland Heights Community center to inquire about renting one of the ice rinks out for an indie rock on ice night.

We spoke with the person in charge of the ice rinks. She was very nice and into the idea.

I cannot wait. All I can think of is the Charlie Brown Christmas special when everyone is skating around on the frozen pond. I want that...but with Dressy Bessy or Magnetic Fields playing instead of the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

We are thinking about doing it on December 9th at 10pm. What do ya think? Wouldn't that be a lot of fun?

I can't ice skate to save my life so I am happy to just provide an indie pop soundtrack to the night.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Merry Invert Day!

Wow. Another
National Coming Out Day.

It's the holiday that just won't die. Much like
Sweetest Day and The Great American Smokeout Day.

Time for all d-list (I think 'd' is kinda high, maybe 'l' or 'r')
celebrities to announce their homosexuality so they can maybe get just a smidge of press.

Although it's been a while since anyone has really come out on NCOD.

It's been at least a few years since Jonathon of 'Who's the Boss' made the big announcement.

I think maybe this year we should
throw a couple of homos back in the closet.

We really don't want them on our team do we?

Wish yr favorite queer a happy National Coming Out Day.

Or, maybe just come out to your mom ya big freaking coward!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Underwear Nite at Club Bear

Panties Nite at Club Bear
Originally uploaded by bitterbutter.
Why is it that women do not seem to have as many fetishes as men?

I know there are exceptions to every rule....but generally... you don't
hear about women who will only have sex with certain kinds of men
or women.

Or maybe women ARE like that but it's just not made into a commodity or a target market.

Friday, October 06, 2006

But I love October even more.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


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Today on the way into work, after doing my radio show, I was thinking about how Cleveland is most beautiful in October and May.

That's it. Don't ever visit any other time. Unless of course you love raw cold uglyness. Then visit in January and go down to Edgewater Park. There you can crunch icy dead fish-cubes under your sneakers on the beach and stare out into the wet gray cold Lake Erie.

But now...NOW it's just gorgeous here. But maybe I am too easy. I think that I find too many things beautiful.

There is a story on This American Life about a man who removes all the Testosterone in his body and then all the sudden everything looks more beautiful to him.

I wonder if I need some hormone therapy to get over my crush on blue skys, yellow leaves and red bricks today?

By the way, if you want to listen to that This American Life episode, go to their website and do a search for "Testosterone." I think it was an episode from August of 2002.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Christine To Watch Out For

Christine To Watch Out For
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One other thing about yesterday....

I was lucky enough to have Alison draw a cartoon of me.

I was really embarrassed at the time having to "pose",

...but now of course I am thrilled to have it!

If you could have dinner with someone famous,
dead or alive, who would it be?

I was lucky enough to go see Alison Bechdel speak at Joseph Beth booksellers last night. I had not seen her in 17 years and was very excited to hear her talk about her new graphic novel, Fun Home.

If you haven't read it yet, ya should. It's amazing.

After the reading and book signing, my friends and I convinced Alison to have dinner with us before she had to head back to her hotel. It wasn't easy. She was trying to find some friends that had asked her to dinner earlier. She turned them down but changed her mind I guess. Lucky for us she could not find them.

Another exciting part of the evening was that Harvey Pekar was there to introduce her.

Oh...and there is one more interestesting thing...I discovered today that there is a Decemberist's song that I like. It's called Yankee Bayonet. It's from their new cd The Crane Wife.

Tune into my show tomorrow morning and I will play a cut or two from it.

By the way...if you want to read a REAL review of Alison's talk last night, check out Austin Kleon's blog. He has a gorgeous stamp carving illustration of Ms. Bechdel at her computer.

Monday, October 02, 2006

September 6, 2006

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Drawing Diary September 5, 2006

Originally uploaded by bitterbutter.

Drawing Diary September 3, 2006

Originally uploaded by bitterbutter.

"Burn Out Ledges"

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges02
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When I was in high school all the bad school-skipping kids would drive to Nelson Ledges to get high and hang out.

I only did it once with my friend Tim. We didn't get high. We just snuck away from school.

This past Saturday I went back with Monica and Kozmo.

I didn't get high then either.

This is why I got so lazy updating my blog.

Originally uploaded by bitterbutter.
I started keeping a daily drawing diary on August 27th.

My friend Leslie who is a 'real' artist does it and showed me hers.

It inspired me.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Cleveland Bridge
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Doesn't this picture say "Cleveland" to you?

Monday, September 25, 2006

One the BEST songs ever.

I had never seen the video for this song before. Notice how cute Kristen Hersh is in her short haircut!

My two favorite Kims.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Am I lame? Yes...Yes I am lame.

I have been very bad about updates. Things will change soon...I promise.

In the meantime....

Via: VideoSift

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Before Jens, Concretes, Peter, Bjorn and John...

...there was Bettie Serveert. In 1992 they released Palomine. A great album. Very different then the rest of the stuff that was out there then.

This isn't the best track on that album...I think "kid's alright" was better. But I could not find a video for that song.

Bettie Serveert has a new cd coming out called 'Bare Stripped Naked'.

I like the second track, 'Hell=Other People'. If ya like it, go buy the cd. These guys deserve yr hard earned cash in my opinion.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Boys Skate.

Remember going to Garrettsville Roller Rink every Friday night in 8th grade?

Remember wearing the navy blue Gap cords and rainbow striped velour blouse with a tab collar?

Remember having the big 'ol comb in yr back pocket and Love's Baby Soft sprayed on yr neck?

Remember how angry you would get when the DJ would play 'Black Betty' and then announce that it was a "boy's skate" and you would roll to the snack bar and watch the guys skate soooooo fast around the rink to that RAWKIN song?!?!

I do.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cleveland to Conneaut

This past weekend I did a one day roadtrip along Lake Erie.
I tried to drive along the shore as much as possible.

After about 60 miles of driving along Lake Erie there is only about 5 miles where you can actually see the lake.

That kind of stinks don't ya think?

The high point of the trip was a stop at the White Turkey Drive In. A cheeseburger and rootbeer.

What more could a girl ask for?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Song for the summer of '06

Originally uploaded by bitterbutter.

I was wondering just the other day, "What is the song for the summer of '06"?

I found it.

I found it thanks to Mark who listens to my show from England. he requested it today on my radio show.

The song is by the band Peter Bjorn and John. They are from Sweden, natch.

This song features vocal by the former Concretes vocalist Victoria Bergsman. This song, called The Young Folks by the way, also features bongos and whistling.

What more could you want for a summer song.

Go to their MySpace page and check out the video for the song. Very cute.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Butch Factory

Butch Factory
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On the way to work this morning I stopped and took a picture of the Lakeshore Generating Station.

I did not know exactly what the building was until I asked a co-worker, Brian, who is the expert on all things Cleveland.

He proceeded to tell me that it is a 500 megawatt station, the smallest of the 5 that serve the Cleveland area.

He then proceeded to tell me about the other ones. I had to interupt him.

Anywho...I just wanted to show you the picture I took. I call it 'Butch Factory'.

'Butch Factory' was what my friend LuAnn wanted to name a band that we joked about starting.

It never started.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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This past weekend Monica and I went to Saugatuck on Lake Michigan. It's really a lovely little town.

I have to admit tho...I saw more bad art there then I have seen anywhere in a long time.

We went to Oval Beach and took a swim in the Great Lake. Afterwards we went back to town and ate and drank too much at "The Butler".

On Sunday we walked around Saugatuck poking our noses in art galleries and shops and restaurants.

We had lunch at a place with a guy playing guitar. I thought it would be awful but he was playing Gillian Welch, Elliot Smith and other pretty good selections.

Okay...this is a lame post and I apologize.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Repent or rejoice... I'll choose to rejoice."

Amy Linton, where are you? Why are you not making new music? If you are when will I get to hear it?

Here is an Aislers Set song from a new various artist cd called "Slaying since 1996"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TracyAnn, I'm ready to be heartbroken.

I got the chance to go see Camera Obscura at the Grog Shop last Saturday. I enjoyed the show, although not as much as I would have liked to enjoy the show.

There were too many people talking too much and too loudly while the band was playing slow, quiet songs. What is wrong with you people? Shut UP!

I've seen bands in other cities and it seems like people in other cities know how to be a considerate audience. Weird. Why pay 12 bucks to go to a club and talk over a band.

The band also complained about the sound. I guess there wasn't a whole lot coming out of their monitors. The lead singer, TracyAnn did not seem too happy about that.

The Bears, a local cleveland tweepop band opened for them. They are very good. Check 'em out.

I just found out today that there is an "indie pop fest" going on in Toledo this Thursday and Friday. They aren't doing an awful lot of advertising are they? Why can't we do something like this in Cleveland?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Whipped cream and other Swedish delights

Monday night I went to see Jens Lekman at the Beachland Ballroom. It was one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time.

Jens had a back up band consisting of 6 women, one of whom was his opening act. They were all dressed in some sort of white frock. That sounds like it would be sexist and stupid, but it really was kinda cool.

The backup band had trumpets, saxophones, accordions, recorders, COW BELLS, etc. At one point my friend Sharon who was at the show suggested that it was a bit Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

It was....but in a GOOD way.

During an encore he played the song Julie. He was up on stage all alone with his guitar playing along and then all of the sudden the horns came in from behind the audience. Part of the band had formed behind the crowd. It was really lovely. I am rarely surprised by anything at live shows, other then the amount of second hand smoke that I am huffing in at about a pack an hour.

Here are a couple of songs for you if you don’t know his work. Black Cab (my fave) and Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill.

If you like them, go buy the cds at Music Saves!!

The Terrible Twos!

The Terrible Twos!
Originally uploaded by bitterbutter.
Saturday I went to the 2 year birthday party of my favorite record store. Music Saves.

it's just the best place to find yr indie rock and pop gems.

Also the owners Melanie and Kevin are the nicest people.

I love when folks call my radio show and ask where they can find that Jens Lekman ep, Maple Leaves. I happily send them to Music Saves.

There was also a concert next door at the Beachland Tavern to help celebrate the occasion.

I went so I could see Machine Go Boom. Check em out. They, like all the other indie kids, have a MySpace page. Kinda like the Thermals, but more Cleveland-ish.

"Take me out to the ballllllllllll gaaaaaame

I have not been updating this blog like I would like to. I can blame computer crashes and nothing to really write about. Both sorta true...both not true enough.

Last Friday I took Monica to her very first professional baseball game.

She likes to tell the story about when she moved to the United States as a 12 year old and had the pleasure of her very first American Jr. High gym class. They played softball. A game she knew nothing about.

The gym teacher, being the sensitive caring type that most gym teachers are handed her the bat and chose her to go “up to bat” first.

Monica told me that she didn’t even know how to hold the Louisville Slugger so she cradled it in her arms like a baby and went and stood in the middle of Home Plate. That’s what she thought she was supposed to do. They eventually showed her how to swing the bat and she hit the ball. After she hit it everyone yelled at her to “RUN”!

I think she said she ran out towards the pitcher.

Even with all that emotional damage she loved going to see the Indians get their butts kicked by the Minnesota Twins. I think it had something to do with all the snacks that were available and the 7th inning stretch. She did not believe me when I told her that everyone was going to stand up and sing a song.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The main interest in life and work
is to become someone else that you
were not in the beginning.

If you knew when you began a book
what you would say at the end,
do you think that you would
have the courage to write it?

What is true for writing and for a
love relationship is also true for life.
The game is worthwhile insofar as
we don’t know what will be the end.

-Michael Foucault

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Prostituting oneself for a bus ride

I took the bus into work this morning. I needed to because my scooter is at work and I wanted to be able to ride it home.

While I was waiting for the 326 to take me from Public Square to W. 73rd and Detroit I saw posters for the new "trolley" line of busses. The sign said something like "Smile and Ride for Free."

Something about that bothers me.

I wonder if they make EVERYONE smile.

I wonder if male bus drivers make men smile before they get on the bus.

I can just see that.

A male bus driver telling men trying to get on... "C'mon....let's see a smile!" "Come on...smile for me!"

Yeah. I kinda guess that doesn't happen.

From the press release:
If the nostalgic green-and- gold vehicles, complete with cow catchers, wooden rails, and brass bells, don't put a smile on the face of downtown travelers, the price of riding will. The trolleys are free now through Labor Day for -- a smile. This was accomplished through a partnership between RTA and the Cleveland Convention & Visitors Bureau. RTA is studying the feasibility of maintaining the appealing smile fare indefinitely.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Whose crying now?

I DJ every Monday night at the Grid, a queer nightclub here in Cleveland.
The night is called SpinTheBottle and it's an indie rock and pop music extravaganza.

I love the indie rock and pop. I love that I can play Arcade Fire and people dance to it.

Here's the rub... for some reason, the 20-somethings request and LOVE cheezy 80s music. Music that I have heard enough of. Journey gets 'em on the dance floor, Heart, Billy (M)Idol, all the stuff that was overplayed ON Y103 in my '73 TransAm car radio as a teen.

All the stuff that was overplayed on my best friends clock radio when I would sleep over her house every Friday night after the football games.

All the stuff that was overplayed at the "teen dances" on the basketball court at the
campgrounds I stayed at every summer.


Last night on the way home from the bar I was trying to remember what I was listening to in my mid-20s that drove people in their EARLY 40s crazy. I think there was a sorta psychedelic 60s scene. I remember reading something about a cult of kids (remember...this is in the late 80s early 90s) who just WORSHIPPED the song "The Time has Come Today" by the Chambers Brothers. They built a whole scene around that song. I think it was that song. Oy. Then there were the swirly paisley
Three 'O Clock. A band of fey boys with 60s girl haircuts.

I believe 40 somethings probably rolled their eyes at them quite regularly.

It would be cool to go back in time. Talk to my 1981 self. That's the year I went to see Journey at the Richfield Coliseum with "Peaches" and Julie. Two juniors. I thought I was such a cool sophomore

If I could go back in time I would:

Suggest a
better college.

Suggest a better haircut.

Suggest NOT buying the
Hoodoo Gurus album

Okay... so here's a compromise.
Giant Drag covering Journey. Doing a much better job than Steve Perry ever did.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I just can't help myself. I love Smiths covers.
Especially this one by the band Saloon.
Just gorgeous.

Too late. I removed the MP3.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Prince Albert in a can

This past Sunday I found out that I had a brush with royalty a few years ago and did not even know it.

We had the big black out here in the rust belt on August 14th, 2003. It was sooo hot and humid. It felt crazy.

Monica called me from the East side and wanted me to come over so we could go forage for something to eat in a city sans power. I was living in Old Brooklyn at the time.

It was kind of stupid of me to drive over there...but still kind of exciting too. At the time we had no idea how much of the area the power failure had reached.

We drove around thinking we'd find something. It took a while but finally we did. The only place in the area that had power was Nighttown Restaurant. They had some sort of giant generator going.

We didn't have tons of money but decided to give it a try anyway. I'm glad we did. It was so amazing. The place was packed and everyone was talking to each other. We waited in line with a bunch of people. The lighting was dim and foggy. It was kinda coolish in there, like a cave. I felt a little drunk just being there.

After about 30 minutes they led us to this wonderful old style vinyl corner booth with a crisp white tablecloth. Just sitting there felt so refreshing.

The waitstaff was so kind and good humored. Monica and I enjoyed two wonderful salads and a few glasses of wine. We had such a great time, it felt like being on an amusement park ride. Scary and dangerous...but really isn't.

Okay...skip ahead almost 3 years. I was having coffee at the E. 185th St. Arabica with Dan P., Laura and Monica. Two people stopped and chatted with Dan P. They were talking about musicians and shows. I eventually found out that the guy is the owner of Nighttown. I told him about what a wonderful time Monica and I had that night of the blackout and he asked us if we enjoyed having dinner with the Prince of Monaco.

He proceeded to tell us the story of how one of the pricey hotels, I think the Ritz called him and asked if they could accommodate 12-14 people ASAP. He told them that his local customers come first but he would do what he could. Then the hotel told him who it was and how the Prince and his posse could not get into their rooms because of the power outage.

When they arrived he was able to set them up and said they stayed for hours eating and drinking $400 bottles of wine. He said they were very kind and generous. He said he joked with Prince Albert about having an Irish mother.

Okay...so Monica and I didn't ACTUALLY break bread with Prince Albert....but it's still kinda cool we were there huh?

NO!? You think this story is lame?

Okay...well then here is a song for you. It's from the new PonyUp! cd called "Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes" The song is called 'What's Free is Yours'. I just love her voice on this song. It's gorgeous.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I have been terribly lazy about updating my blog. Maybe not as much lazy as not wanting to "share".

Sometimes ya kinda don't want to talk. That's me lately.

So to make up for it, I am going to share. I discovered this song last week. It's by Kimya Dawson who used to be part of
Moldy Peaches. (too late...I removed the file. Go BUY IT!)

Kimya Dawson has a new cd out called 'Remember that I Love You'. I really like the whole thing.

The song I really love tho is one I can't stop playing in my car. I play it over and over and it almost feels like a prayer of sorts. A prayer I need lately.

If you like the song, support the artist and go buy her cd at an independent record store.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Gabba Gabba Hey!

I just love the Headcoatees.

I wish I was half as cool as they were.

Their song, Davey Crockett
makes me want to smoke cigarettes.

I don't know why.

Listen for the handclaps. I love the handclaps. sigh.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

There's a taste in my mouth

I am a sucker for cover songs. I just love them.

There are a few out there that are covered to death. One of them is Love Will Tear Us Apart. Originally by Joy Division. Such a beautiful desperate song.

Jose Gonzalez has recently covered it. It's a gorgeous sparse version that I think really gives you the feel of the lyrics more then most all the other covers.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lucite LED Disco Heels

I had an interesting night this past Saturday.

I met Rebecca and her fauxsband Dave at the "Nickel" for discussions on sex and music. We found out that each of us are self-proclaimed good kissers. Rebecca's friend Megan/Meegan showed up too late for the sex talk.

We bullied the dj into playing some Magnetic Fields, Broken Social Scene and Electrelane. (We brought the cds in of course) The ladies at the Nickel were not happy about the Electrelane song. We had the dj play the Valleys. It has a choral break in it. Not the best soundtrack I s'pose for beer, shooting pool and Tribe talk.

The four of us decided to change the scenery and go to Muggs which is a kind of skeevy queer bar next door to a plasma donation center. Perfect.

We went there because they had bar bowling. My very favorite sport. The crowd was interesting.

Ya got yr lesbians with the long denim shorts, white leather sneakers and official assorted Cleveland team shirts. All with mostly the same haircuts... sort of mullet....sort of farmer's wife. NEVER messy. Always perfect. Oh...and always with a cigarette and/or a Bud Lite in hand.

Ya got yr 40-something or older gay men who still live in the 70/80s with very anachronistic moustache, open polyester blouses and tight slacks. There were 2 of them under the disco ball with arms in the air and huge smiles dancing like it was 1981 and they were at Traxx.

Then ya got yr pudgy wives and/or fag hags of these gay men sitting at the tables not 4 feet away from the dancing. They were dressed in tight little skirts and high heels. Tight uncomfortable smiles.

One of the women who really stood out was about 5' tall and wearing a pair of 4" high acrylic disco heels with lights that flashed inside them when she walked. She walked around the place a lot.

After Muggs we went to Bounce. We should rename the place. Let's call it "Club Dryer Sheet"

Anyway, it was "ladie's night" at Club Dryer Sheet so I was surprised and disappointed when we walked in and there was a drag show going on. I don't have any problems with drag shows...but most of the ones I have seen in Cleveland have been soooo damn dull. All the same crap-ass music. This one turned out to be fun.

It was TrannieDrag Queen (guy with huge boobs) then straight looking dull female stripper. Why would they not have a hot dykey stripper? Like a chick in a UPS uniform or maybe a hot field hockey player? Maybe that's just me. Then they had a kind of boring regular drag queen. Dull song, dull outfit. THEN... a huge tragic black drag queen came out. SHE was fabulous. I felt her fierce attitude wash over me like a blast of hot RTA bus exhaust in August as she strutted by on stage.

Megan/Meegan gave her a dollar in the correct "give the drag queen a dollar" pose. Ya know, one arm outstretched in front of you at about eyebrow level, wrist limp with hand turned down a bit, dollar neatly folded in half length-wise between your index and middle finger. Head respectfully lowered with gaze going up.

After the show the four of us went and hung out in the other area of the club and complained that we were sooooo much cooler then the rest of the homos there and how not one of the gay men would be able to tell Dave what their favorite Belle and Sebastian song was.

It's so hard being the cool creative fish in the big lame-ass boring pond isn't it?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Name is Mrs. John Murphy.

I have always been a fan of the Pixies, Breeders, the Amps... anything Kim Deal had her paws in.

I just think she is the coolest version of a cornfed Ohio girl you are ever going to get.

Well my friend Liz in San Francisco sent me a clipping out of a local weekly talking about a new musical going on in the East Bay about Kim Deal. It's called "The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Deal".

Monday, April 10, 2006

Telethon time

What a great weekend

Telethon is over and I raised over $2800 on my 2 hour radio show. I was so nervous this year. More then most years for some reason. My knees were actually shaking.

The station did not reach it's goal but we are keeping online donations open on the web for the next two weeks. Hopefully we will get to the $55,000 that we need.

It was a lot of fun to be at the station and be around so many people that love music so much. People that love music and have very good taste in it.

I answered phones on Sunday for Ed and Sarah's show (Sarah, Brandt and Ed at right) called Chasing Infinity. Tom of Your Serpantine Pad was there helping me.

Here is a picture of he and Brandt at the phones. Brandt is the king of all things "indie". Mention any indie rock artist and he has a story about them. How he "met/partied/rode/made out" with them.

I've met Lois Maffeo. That was the thrill of my life. I did not party, ride, or make out with her tho. Maybe next time.

WRUW Telethon
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fortunate son

Today I got my hands on a cd called WED-ROCK.

It was recorded live a year or two ago at a benefit concert for Freedom to Marry.

There is a really good version of Fortunate Son by Sleater Kinney on it. They send it out to the "Ultimate Fortunate Son, George Bush."

That rat bastard.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What the HELL are we waiting for?!

A country is not only what it does—
it is also what it puts up with, what it tolerates

—Kurt Tucholsky

More here.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Every dream I dream's a dream of dreamy little you

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I rode my scooter to work this morning. It was a balmy, sunny 40 degrees. I loved it!

The sky was beautiful, everything felt new and clean.

Whenever I ride my scooter through downtown Cleveland in the morning I feel as if I am on vacation.

The way it looks. The way it smells. How happy and unencumbered I feel.

I love my scooter.

Thank you Pride of Cleveland scooter shop for being you!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

First South Dakota...

Link to comic strip homepage.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Double negative

I found this song online.

I hate the Rolling Stones.

I have always thought they were overrated.

But when PJ Harvey and Bjork get together and do a Stones song....well that's something to listen to.

I can't get no...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cleveland springtime sunset.

cleveland springtime sky
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Well, almost springtime. When I got home from work the other night and had to take my little dog outside the sky was so beautiful.

It had been cold, wet, and dark all day, but near sunset there was a break in the clouds. It just lit up the trees and houses against that PMS#533 sky.

Speaking of PMS colors. What is yours?

Mine is Veridian Green. I am "Quick, Sophisticated and Capable".

Yeah. Sure.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Toni, with an i

Toni, with an i
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On Sunday I met Rebecca for lunch at Tommys. We ate and then decided to trek out to Pat Catans. She was going to do some painting and needed canvas.

I needed nothing but that never stops me. We found these sexpot heads on sticks for 25 cents each. We bought four and went on a photo shoot.

We went down to Wildwood Park to make the magic happen. Here is the magic.

Our work is a bit derivitive of Slint don't ya think?