Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Prostituting oneself for a bus ride

I took the bus into work this morning. I needed to because my scooter is at work and I wanted to be able to ride it home.

While I was waiting for the 326 to take me from Public Square to W. 73rd and Detroit I saw posters for the new "trolley" line of busses. The sign said something like "Smile and Ride for Free."

Something about that bothers me.

I wonder if they make EVERYONE smile.

I wonder if male bus drivers make men smile before they get on the bus.

I can just see that.

A male bus driver telling men trying to get on... "C'mon....let's see a smile!" "Come for me!"

Yeah. I kinda guess that doesn't happen.

From the press release:
If the nostalgic green-and- gold vehicles, complete with cow catchers, wooden rails, and brass bells, don't put a smile on the face of downtown travelers, the price of riding will. The trolleys are free now through Labor Day for -- a smile. This was accomplished through a partnership between RTA and the Cleveland Convention & Visitors Bureau. RTA is studying the feasibility of maintaining the appealing smile fare indefinitely.


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