Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Whose crying now?

I DJ every Monday night at the Grid, a queer nightclub here in Cleveland.
The night is called SpinTheBottle and it's an indie rock and pop music extravaganza.

I love the indie rock and pop. I love that I can play Arcade Fire and people dance to it.

Here's the rub... for some reason, the 20-somethings request and LOVE cheezy 80s music. Music that I have heard enough of. Journey gets 'em on the dance floor, Heart, Billy (M)Idol, all the stuff that was overplayed ON Y103 in my '73 TransAm car radio as a teen.

All the stuff that was overplayed on my best friends clock radio when I would sleep over her house every Friday night after the football games.

All the stuff that was overplayed at the "teen dances" on the basketball court at the
campgrounds I stayed at every summer.


Last night on the way home from the bar I was trying to remember what I was listening to in my mid-20s that drove people in their EARLY 40s crazy. I think there was a sorta psychedelic 60s scene. I remember reading something about a cult of kids (remember...this is in the late 80s early 90s) who just WORSHIPPED the song "The Time has Come Today" by the Chambers Brothers. They built a whole scene around that song. I think it was that song. Oy. Then there were the swirly paisley
Three 'O Clock. A band of fey boys with 60s girl haircuts.

I believe 40 somethings probably rolled their eyes at them quite regularly.

It would be cool to go back in time. Talk to my 1981 self. That's the year I went to see Journey at the Richfield Coliseum with "Peaches" and Julie. Two juniors. I thought I was such a cool sophomore

If I could go back in time I would:

Suggest a
better college.

Suggest a better haircut.

Suggest NOT buying the
Hoodoo Gurus album

Okay... so here's a compromise.
Giant Drag covering Journey. Doing a much better job than Steve Perry ever did.


Pretty-How-Town said...

I loved this post, from the Ridge Ranch link to the high school picture. I think we were at the same Journey show....

Kelley/Kevin said...

Tracey was definitely at that same Journey show. She got in trouble when she got home for smoking pot and my mom had to hold her hair while she puked.

Your high school picture is so cool. The face you're making is exactly how I felt all 4 years - I wish I could go back in time and wipe the goddamn eager to please smile off my face in my senior picture. Although I also could have used a better college, a better haircut and the Hoodoo Gurus were way cooler than anything I listened to that year...

bginley said...

i think you woul dhave kicked my wussy ass in hs - but i love the gurus !

" all the good times we had..."