Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Okay...it's that time of year.

What are your fave cds for this year?

With the death of albums, I think it's easier to name fave songs now.

Or maybe, fave artist. Or maybe I can stop using "fave".

Top Musical Artists for 2006

(definitely BEST video of the year)

The Blow - (The new cd got a pretty good rating from the snobs at

Peter Bjorn and John - (The song Young Folks is sooo catchy but has been used

Pony Up - (I hate when bands only have a
myspace site)

Oppenheimer - (see above

Kimya Dawson - (Her
website has lots of MP3s that you can check out. She also had a baby this year that she named Panda.)

Not really in that order.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kimya dawsom makes me want to eat glass.
good choices otherwise.
go thermals!