Monday, April 10, 2006

Telethon time

What a great weekend

Telethon is over and I raised over $2800 on my 2 hour radio show. I was so nervous this year. More then most years for some reason. My knees were actually shaking.

The station did not reach it's goal but we are keeping online donations open on the web for the next two weeks. Hopefully we will get to the $55,000 that we need.

It was a lot of fun to be at the station and be around so many people that love music so much. People that love music and have very good taste in it.

I answered phones on Sunday for Ed and Sarah's show (Sarah, Brandt and Ed at right) called Chasing Infinity. Tom of Your Serpantine Pad was there helping me.

Here is a picture of he and Brandt at the phones. Brandt is the king of all things "indie". Mention any indie rock artist and he has a story about them. How he "met/partied/rode/made out" with them.

I've met Lois Maffeo. That was the thrill of my life. I did not party, ride, or make out with her tho. Maybe next time.

WRUW Telethon
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brandt said...

you do realize that the night that you met Lois Maffeo was the night i started dating my wife don't you?

and my god do i look horrible. time to go on a diet!

bitterbutter said...

I actually met her a few years before that. But that was the night she did a "shout-out" to me from the stage.

I swooned.