Thursday, October 05, 2006


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Today on the way into work, after doing my radio show, I was thinking about how Cleveland is most beautiful in October and May.

That's it. Don't ever visit any other time. Unless of course you love raw cold uglyness. Then visit in January and go down to Edgewater Park. There you can crunch icy dead fish-cubes under your sneakers on the beach and stare out into the wet gray cold Lake Erie.

But now...NOW it's just gorgeous here. But maybe I am too easy. I think that I find too many things beautiful.

There is a story on This American Life about a man who removes all the Testosterone in his body and then all the sudden everything looks more beautiful to him.

I wonder if I need some hormone therapy to get over my crush on blue skys, yellow leaves and red bricks today?

By the way, if you want to listen to that This American Life episode, go to their website and do a search for "Testosterone." I think it was an episode from August of 2002.

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