Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TracyAnn, I'm ready to be heartbroken.

I got the chance to go see Camera Obscura at the Grog Shop last Saturday. I enjoyed the show, although not as much as I would have liked to enjoy the show.

There were too many people talking too much and too loudly while the band was playing slow, quiet songs. What is wrong with you people? Shut UP!

I've seen bands in other cities and it seems like people in other cities know how to be a considerate audience. Weird. Why pay 12 bucks to go to a club and talk over a band.

The band also complained about the sound. I guess there wasn't a whole lot coming out of their monitors. The lead singer, TracyAnn did not seem too happy about that.

The Bears, a local cleveland tweepop band opened for them. They are very good. Check 'em out.

I just found out today that there is an "indie pop fest" going on in Toledo this Thursday and Friday. They aren't doing an awful lot of advertising are they? Why can't we do something like this in Cleveland?

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bginley said...

alright - let's do one then !