Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Last night Ann and I watched the Pixies documentary called Loud Quiet Loud.

It was pretty interesting. Kim and Kelly Deal are pretty nutty. In a way I like though.

The drummer, Dave Lovering seems like he might be gay. And he seems like he has a TON of issues. He also is a magician. Oh...and he likes going up and down beaches with a metal detector.

Frank Black seems like he has TONS O' resentment about Kim Deal becoming so famous. Although his wife and Joey Santiago's wife look a LOT like Kim Deal. Ann and I thought that was pretty interesting.

Joey Santiago works on a lot of soundtracks. He seems like the most down to earth, emotionally healthiest one of the bunch.

Kim was the only one during the whole thing that seemed to really enjoy playing concerts. I loved that she is big into the crafts. During the movie her Kim Deal's mother said she was happy that the Pixies were touring, "it gave Kim something to do besides sit at home and do all her crafts."

Another thing about Kim Deal....I don't think she stopped smoking once during the whole thing.


Pretty-How-Town said...

Of course I just added LQL to our Netflix queue. But what I really want to know is...have you seen "High School Musical" yet?!

bitterbutter said...

lol...not yet. It's in my queue tho.