Monday, March 13, 2006

You're like water for my soul, when it gets thirsty.

I just got to work about an hour ago and I have listened to this song about 8 times already. I love it! It's the one that is on Mtv all the time. The kids love it and now I do too. It's Matisyahu. The song is "King Without A Crown".

I was just doing some research on Matisyahu and came across the Pitchfork review of his new album. Ouch! Here is an excerpt.

"Authenticity and showmanship appear to be the stumbling blocks and great emancipators for Matisyahu. Inexplicably, he attracts jam-rock blaggards and disoriented hipsters with nowhere else to turn with his wacky ability to make beat noises out of his mouth. It was annoying when Justin Timberlake did it and it's annoying now. Still, as large venues continue to sell out, Baby Boomers remember they luuuhve Marley and hey, this guy, at least, kinda sounds like him if you can't remember the 70s that well. Plus he's worth an extra 20 minutes of convos at the steak house before the show. "Wait, he's Jewish? You're kidding!?!" It's sad that relatively innocuous musicians are indicted on the strength of their audience, but sometimes the demographics don't lie."

Tell me what you think. (too late...I removed the MP3)

By the way...I had a great weekend. More later. With pictures!

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