Monday, July 02, 2007

She's fast and frightening.
I went to watch my first ever Roller Derby match (game? set? event?) last Saturday in North Olmsted.

It was a lot of fun. Cute chicks. Rockin' music. Beer.

My pal Egan and her husband were there too. A good friend of their's is a "Hellbomber". She kicked ass that night and they won their match. (game, set, event)

When Egan went up to buy a t-shirt from the merch table the women in front of her asked for a large t-shirt. The chick working there said, "All we have are XS, S and Medium."
The woman said, "WHAT!? You can't flick a feather around here without hitting a dyke and THOSE are the only sizes you have left?"

I thought that was hiliarious.

Hilarious and incorrect.

I could have flicked a feather and not hit the maybe 6 lesbians out of a couple hundred people watching the roller skating hotties that evening.

I think maybe the woman thought "tattoo = dyke."

Not true.

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