Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a snotty ass foodie

This morning I went to visit my folks in Ravenna. My Uncle Jim from Apple Valley, California was in town. I have not seen he and my Aunt Donna in 20 years.

It was great to see them. Although Uncle Jim has turned into "dittohead". He was spouting all the sillieness. Things like, how lucky we are to have George W. Bush in the whitehouse. Oy.

Anyway, over coffee, mom was talking about wanting to take my aunt and uncle to lunch after visiting my father at the nursing home.

My mom suggested a place called Mike's Place that's kind of like an authentic TGIFridays. They have stuff all over the walls and hanging from the ceiling. But it's all stuff that the owners and staff have collected over the years. Right near the front door they have a full size model (I assume it's full size, I have never been close to the real thing)of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

My mom likes to go there. I don't so much. Not that I am a health nut (it's painfully obvious) but the food is pretty....hmmm.....kinda.... High Cholesterolicious! They should hand out heart paddles instead of moist towelettes.

I said to my mom, "What are you guys gonna get? A bucket of deep fried heart disease?"

Mom said in a fake haughty voice, "ohhh, I'm sorry they don't have... don't have...
asparagus with cheese sauce!"

She did this while miming the pouring of cheese sauce over some high-falutin' asparagus.


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