Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Entertaining Etiquette For Dolts

I was talking to my pal Leslie this morning on the way to work.
She was telling me about someone (who shall remain nameless) that had a few guests over to her home the other night. This nameless dolt proceeded to make her unsuspecting guests sit through a SIX HUNDRED count digital photo slide show of her recent trip to France.

Yes. That is AWFUL. Do you want to hear how it was worse then you can even imagine?

She set the entire thing to a Michael Bolten soundtrack.

Okay. To all you social DOLTS out there. We do NOT want to see THAT many pictures of your cheezy-ass trip to France. Sure, we would not mind seeing about a dozen interesting pictures.

But THAT is about it. So here is your tip.

  1. Pick out all the pictures you want to show your friends.

  2. Okay. Now cut that stack in half.

  3. Now choose your top twenty photos from that stack.

  4. Now take out all the photos in that chosen stack that are of sunsets.

There you have it. An interesting 12 to 14 pictures of your latest adventure.

Upload the rest to a photo sharing website and if your friends and family really want to see more, they can do it on their own time and not put the rest of us through the tedious viewing.

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