Sunday, September 09, 2007


Just kidding. I really don't think a gin&tonic + a wheat beer is medicine. It did reduce the stress a bit though on Friday.

Dad is in nursing home rehab. He was doing good for a week but then he had some sort of problem that the nursing home thought was a stroke. They took him to the hospital. He was there for a day or two.

When I saw him at the hospital he said he hated "the sonavabitches" there. He wanted to come home. I had to tell him he was going back to Longmeadow. (the nursing home) He was not happy about that but seemed to understand. They took him back to Longmeadow on Thursday.

On Friday morning the nursing home called my mom and told her that my dad refuses to do therapy and told the staff that, "my son is coming to pick me up. I'm going home!" He wouldn't go back in his room. He sat in the hallway dressed. Waiting for Michael to pick him up.

Mom called me, I called my brother. He said he did not talk to dad that day.

A counselor went down to talk to dad. She told him that Mike was at work and could not come pick him up.

Dad said he would take a "goddamn cab" home. The counselor said that would be expensive because he couldn't leave Longmeadow unless the Dr. signed off on him. She told him without that signature, his insurance would not cover his stay.

Dad of course told her, "Go ahead , send the goddamn bill, I'm not paying it!"

They finally convinced him to do just a "little bit" of therapy. They had his favorite therapist, Tammie come to his room to convince him. He did a bit.

That evening Michael went to see dad. The whole time my dad kept telling Mike, "Grab my stuff, we can go out the door right outside my room." It is an emergency exit door.

Here's the deal. This is what pisses me off about the whole thing. Dad is NOT loopy. He is not out of it mentally. He is completely lucid. He knows he needs to stay there til he is able to even go to the bathroom by himself.

This is so hard on my mom. She has heart problems and I don't want all of dad's drama to do her in.

The first week dad was in Longmeadow he was doing really well. He was getting stronger. Moving more. And now he is a mess again. He can't even sit up in his bed without help.

He can't come home yet!

My sister Kelly and mom are going over there today to see him. I hope it goes okay.

Sorry for this long boring post. I promise more music and witty musings soon.

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