Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"You are so swell, just like DSL."

Last weekend when I was babysitting for my sister, her daughter (12) and her daughter's friend (13) wanted to go online. I called my sister to make sure they were allowed to do that.

She said yes, but only for an hour. She told me to "keep on eye on 'em" while they are online.

Do you know how hard that is?! I kept making excuses to walk through the dining room. I mostly saw them looking at some sort of animal game. No biggie.

Towards the end of their hour visit to internet land I noticed they were on MySpace.

I never had a problem with MySpace and always thought "What's the big deal?" But at that moment I wanted to find Tom and bitchslap him. All I could think of was that damn Dateline show with the parade of pervs.

I told the girls it was time to say goodbye to the interweb and get ready for dinner.

I heard the Hot Toddies sing HTML on WCSB the other morning. This song helps to explain why I don't ever want any of my nephews or nieces on the world wide web. Ever.

Great song tho!

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