Friday, December 09, 2005

One Week Later

It's been a whole week since updates. I have no good excuse. I have just been lazy about it. I have been lazy about everything this past week. Emotionaly lazy I think. Doesn't matter, I'm here now.

I have today off work. I'm glad about that. I did not get much sleep last night. I was having all kinds of nightmares and the wind was blowing so hard it was causing the trees in the backyard to rub against electrical wires and throw sparks. I thought there was lightening out there because of all the flashing light.

Last weekend Monica and I went to Ikea. She wanted some stuff for her new place. We spent about 4 hours there. I think Monica bought more then she thought she would. You be the judge, the photo at the right is her going over her Ikea receipt when we stopped for coffee before we headed back to Cleveland.

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