Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hey hey hey, you on the trampoline.

I have been in such a crappy mood lately. The one thing that has made me feel a little bit better is that I hear other people saying the same thing.

When I realize I am in a sad, bad mood for no good reason... I start to worry that a real reason will come along. Then I get mad at myself for so much self-pity. But that doesn't really change my mood.

But maybe there is a good reason. Maybe it's because the holidays are coming up. It's so cliche...but the older you get, the more a pain in the butt "holidays" are.

Another reason for the bad mood....I will be 41 soon. Ugh. I hate to even type it out. I could just kick the ass of my 26 year old self that insisted that "age will NEVER matter to me. It's all in your head!!!!" What an ass I was.

Okay. Enough. I'm tired of the self pity. Yes...this is boring me too.

Reasons to be happy. I have tons.
1. My friends and loved ones. I am very lucky to have so many.
2. Jens Lekman. I just love his music.
3. My car will be paid off this month. I can't believe it. AND IT STILL RUNS!!!
4. I have a good job. Sure, the pay is totally crappy...but it's an important job and I can update my blog on the clock.
5. I have a scooter. That little 2 wheeled, red, beat-up hunk of steel and engine, brings me more happiness then you would imagine. I LOVE riding it. I am hoping win the cold weather challenge this year.

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