Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey Day Weekend

I'm sitting at the Arabica on E. 185th right now. I am surrounded by folks waiting to go to their AA meeting in the offices above the coffee shop. They tend to be a little bit loud but the good thing is this is a non-smoking Arabica. The AA folk also tend to smoke a lot too.

I had such a nice Thanksgiving Day. It started out with me doing my radio show. I started the show with the
Extra Action Marching Band doing a song called Sexy Fat Guy. They are a deliciously seedie wacked out marching band from San Francisco (big surprise there huh?) who likes to march in the dark. Their music is fabulous.

Pat, a friend I met through doing my show was in the Cleveland area for the holiday so he came down and did the show with me. Whenever I have guests, the time just flies.

After my show I went out to my car and tried to remove the candy coating Mother Nature had left for me. It was soooo icy cold. The picture to the left is the view through my front window on the drive home.

Before I went to Deb and Eric's place for Thanksgiving dinner I made two different carrot dishes. Curry-Cilantro and Orange Ginger carrots. Both turned out really good. After trying a few of the curry-cilantro ones I was thinking to myself, these are soooo good. Since I am making an effort to eat healthier, why don't I make this kind of thing more often. Then I realized, the reason they are so damn tasty is because there was a half a stick of butter in the recipe. So much for a healthy new vegetable dish.

Dinner was amazing. Everyone brought amazingly fabulous dishes. Dan P. made mincemeat tarts with actual "meat". I guess that is the way they were originally prepared, and Dan P. is a stickler to that sort of thing. I tried one. I really did not taste ANY meat at all. It just tasted like apple cinnamon and raisins. Dan M. brought his traditional southern Mac and Cheese. I forgot the heart paddles out in the car so I only had a small bit of it. Calvin brought some sweet potatoes, always a fave of mine... Danielle brought tasty pumpkin pies and her new squeeze. James brought some amazing pierogies. There was tons of food, tons of wine, and lots of hilarious conversation. Deb and Eric are so generous for having everyone over and making such a wonderful dinner. I'm very lucky for being included. I can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh yeah, there's that whole, "spend the holidays with family" thing. My family has always been very casual about holiday meals. As long as contact is made with at least a phone call, they are happy. I really think my mom prefers a quiet dinner with just she and my father. My mom has never been a big fan of children. I think that is where I got my motherly instincts.

Today I got up early to help Monica move. I didn't really do much. I was there mostly for moral support. She had hired movers. "the Moving Magicians". I was worried all her stuff was going to disappear. They turned out to be okay. Very regular West Side guys. They were flirting with Monica the whole time. She really was so stressed about the whole move that it wasn't even registering with her. They asked her where her boyfriend was, why wasn't he helping. Oy.

After they got everything loaded onto the truck, they followed me over to Monica's new place. I just pointed out my window to the driveway and took off. Monica's parents were there and she is not out to them. They did not need to meet me today. I have not showered and am looking my most bull-dykiest. No need for that kind of drama this afternoon.

Well, I am going to head out to K-Mart or something like that to find some stuff for Monica's new place. She needs a bathroom rug, some cupboard liners and maybe a bottle of wine. I probably won't buy that at K-Mart.

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