Monday, November 07, 2005

Such a nice weekend.

Scooter Ride on MLK
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Saturday morning I got up early, hopped on my scooter and headed over to the Shaker Square farmer's market. I was worried about rain the entire ride but by the time I got to Shaker Square, the sun popped out from behind some dark gray clouds.

I walked through the market. There were a lot of what seemed to be very wealthy Pepper Pike type women there. Shopping not selling. I bought a jar of Apple-Cranberry butter, an AMAZINGLY delicious loaf of bread from a Lakewood breadmaker. It was still warm by the time I got home. I had to cut it up and freeze it or I may have eaten the whole loaf. I also bought a bar of "tranquility soap". It smelled very nice.

There were a couple of Amish families selling baked goods and vegetables. One guy selling expensive truffles. The chocolate kind. I felt bad for him. He was standing there with 4 round paper plates in front of him on a table with 3 or 4 broken up chocolate truffles on each plate. He was wearing a button up shirt with a pocket protector and a tie. Nothing about him or his display made me feel like indulging in something as sinful as chocolate truffles. The set-up felt more like I was going to ask for information on my 1040 short form.

On my way home from the market I came up for an idea for the Spaces benefit I was going to attend that night. The theme was Pink. I have a pink shirt but I wanted to do something a bit more interesting and/or interactive. I decided to have "pink-eye". I went home and made about 20 little pink eyeballs out of Sculpy. I put them on big safety pins and figured whoever I touched I would give pink eye to. I put one on myself and then put one on Monica. I put the rest in an Altoids tin and put it in my pocket. A lot of people got pink eye from me that night.

Dan P. came to the party as a pink "dirty hippie". He looked great although he reported having trouble eating because his moustache kept coming off and falling into his food.

The whole night was a lot of fun. Great food, fabulous decor, lots of friends. Oh...yeah...and open bar. That was nice too. Gin and tonics as far as the eye can see.

There was a fashion show too at the party. Calvin and Monica put their America's Next Top Model watching skills into action.

Downstairs in the actual gallery there was a silent auction. An unnamed friend thought the art had been better in past years. I have been to this event a couple of times. Maybe that's true. I am no expert. Not with art critique at least. I did like the "Gayola, wild plum crayon". I did not have the dough to bid.

I saw Edie and Ann there. They were not wearing pink but their cheeks probably were. They rode there on their bikes.

I also got to talk with someone who said he just loves my radio show. It's always nice to hear that sort of thing.

On Sunday I went to coffee and hung out for an hour or so while Dan P. kicked Dan M.'s and my ass at Scrabble. After coffee I went and hung out with Ann and helped her fold some laundry. She is helping out her sister who has 34 or 35 kids. (Not really...but more then 2 seems like a couple a' dozen to me) Ann bribed me with some delicious baked goods. She is a good cook. I have never had an undelicious item from her kitchen.

When I got home, Monica wanted to go for a walk so we went down to the lakefront. It was really exciting because of how fast the wind was blowing. The lake looked like an ocean. Kozmo seemed kind of unfazed by it. I was worried he would get blown away being he weighs about the same as the dirty wet blue grocery bags skimming across the parking lot of the park. He seemed to love it. He was running and barking into the wind like a crazy dog.

After that, Monica and I hopped in the car and went to Corky and Lenny's for some Mish-Mash Mahtzo ball soup. Soooooooo good. Sooooooo warm. It was the perfect end to such a cold windy November day.

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