Thursday, November 03, 2005

Indian Summer

It's a gorgeous Thursday in Cleveland. It's supposed to get as high as 70 degrees today. On my way to work I rode through downtown. I love going through the city on my scooter. Going down streets with tall building on either side of me feels exciting for some reason.

On Tuesday night I went to the Eastside and convinced Ann to play Scrabble with me again. I had hoped to kick her ass this time. No dice. She totally beat me. I just stink at that game. Afterwards we wandered down the street to an Irish bar near the Cedar Lee theater. I drowned my sorrows in a couple of black and tans. We hung out until a bunch of frat-ish type boys came in. A bunch? What do you call a group of frat-ish type guys? A group, a herd, a school, a murder, a gaggle? Not sure

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