Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thankgiving Eve

I am so happy. I got the chance to have a day off. Yesterday at work I had a long day getting the World AIDS Day issue finished. I decided that today is all about me. Kinda.

I went to the West Side Market with Dan. I needed to buy some supplies for my carrot dishes I am bringing to Thanksgiving dinner with my friends. Gingered Carrots and Curry Cilantro Carrots. I thought I would try two different kinds this year. I just looove the carrots.

It's a tradition that when you go to the West Side Market with Dan, the first thing you do is go
get a bratwurst and saurkraut sandwich at the brat stand. Then you walk over to the coffee stand, get a nice hot cup o joe. Then you drag yr butt up a flight of stairs to an area that looks out over the market. It's really nice up there. You can enjoy yr spicy sandwich and hot coffee and play "point out the hot homos and cute lesbos".

We did that for about 15 minutes then made our way around the market.

At the gourmet chocolate and candies stand an old man was handing out giant spoonfulls of what looked to be caramel popcorn. It looked at though everyone was going up to him for communion. Being the good recovering Catholic that I am, I went up to get my body of christ. I asked him what it was, he said, "It's cheddar popcorn with a caramel coating, a handful of pure joy!"

Ya know what... he was right. It was a handful of pure joy.

Dan and I finished our visit to the market outside in the produce area where you walk down the aisle as people shout at you with all kinds of different accents letting you know that they have the "juciest" corn or the biggest melons or the cheapest lemons.

A lot of the vendors lean over the counter with an impaled bit of pineapple or apple on a knife for you to taste. I rarely do. Mostly because I get angry that they invite me to try it with "SIR, SIR!!"

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