Monday, November 21, 2005

Tired Monday Morning

I am sitting here trying to remember what happened this weekend and am totally blanking out. That doesn't happen to me very often.

I know that I subbed for the radio show "Music is my Boyfriend" on Sunday morning at 6am. Here is the playlist. I got lazy and set almost the whole show on my iPod the night before. Still pretty good music tho I think.

  • The 6ths - Kissing Things - Hyacinths and Thistles
    The 6ths - You You You You You - Hyacinths and Thistles
    The 6ths - San Diego Zoo - Wasp's Nests
    Aislers Set - Mission Bells - How I Learned to Write Backwards
    Aislers Set - Untitled - A House Full of Friends v/a
    Aislers Set - I've Been Mistreated - Terrible Things Happen
    Belle and Sebastian - Asleep on a Sunbeam - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    Belle and Sebastian - Seeing Other People - If Yr Feeling Sinister
    Belle and Sebastian - Mary Jo - Tigermilk
    Bikini Kill - for Tammy Rae - Pussy Whipped
    Bikini Kill - Tony Randall - Reject All American
    Bikini Kill - Capri Pants - Reject All American
    The Blow - Pile of Gold - PDX Pop Now! v/a
    The Blow - Hey Boy - Poor Aim: Love Songs
    The Blow - Jet Ski Accidents - single
    The Breeders - Shocker in Gloomtown - Head to Toe
    The Breeders - I Just wanna get along - Last Splash
    The Breeders - Hellbound - Pod
    Camera Obscura - Shine Like a New Pin - Biggest Bluest HiFi
    Camera Obscura - The Sun on His Back - Biggest Bluest HiFi
    Camera Obscura - A Sister's Social Agony - Underachievers Please Try Harder
    Dressy Bessy - Just Once More - Dressy Bessy
    Dressy Bessy - Lipstick - Little Music
    Dressy Bessy - Just Like Henry - Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
    Laura Viers - Galaxies - Year of Meteors
    Viva Voce - High Highs - The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
    Jens Lekman - F-Word - Oh Yr So Silent Jens
    Microphones -Oh Anna - Tests
    Microphones - Karl Blau - The Glow Pt. 2
    Microphones - I Felt Your Shape - It was Hot We Stayed in the Water
    Stereolab - Captain Easychord - Oscilions from the Anti-Sun

Oh wait...the weekend is starting to come back to me. Friday night Leslie and Pete invited me over for dinner. they ordered take-out from Otani's. Very deelish. After dinner Leslie and I went and sat by the fire that Pete had built and talked til about midnight. It was so nice. We were laughing for hours.

On Saturday I took my mom to the hospital to see my dad. He was in very good spirits and looked healthier then I have seen him in a while. I think it's mostly because he is getting the sleep he needs there. He may come home today.

Saturday evening I walked to dinner with Ann. We went to a very packed Geraci's in University Heights. We saw Lee Fisher there. I believe he was getting some take-out. Ann and I both thought we knew him but didn't really know from where. I thought he was some sort of political person or maybe a newscaster....she thought he was a sports celebrity of some sort. He was dressed like a sports celebrity. Dinner was very good.

On Sunday, after doing the radio show I went and got a bagel then to coffee. I wanted to stick around but I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I went home and layed around and made some art til about 4:30 when Monica called for a ride home from the airport. I had to take a weird round about trip to get there. The Browns game was just ending. I went over the Flats bridge on the shoreway. It was beautiful. The sun was just going down.

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