Monday, November 14, 2005

Flying Monkey Beers

Flying Monkey Beers
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Remember how I mentioned being all excited about DJing at the Asterisk Gallery on Friday night? It was a bust. The person who normally loans out the audio/dj equipment pulled out. Rebecca and I got to the gallery to find out that all they had there was someone's home stereo set up. We couldn't have really "DJed". Tim who was in charge was playing pretty good music anyway on some mixed cds that I gave him a while ago. They really didn't need us so we went and had a few beers at the Flying Monkey.

The Flying Monkey is nice, but dreadfully hetero. Hetero is okay..but this was painfully so. Although the bartender was a supah hottie.

We waited for Beth and Dave to come meet us there. While we were there I put my foot soooooo far in my mouth that I am still trying to remove the skechers logo from my uvula.

Rebecca should have punched me in the nose. I would have felt much better. I have not done something THAT stupid in a long time. I am hoping not to do it again for a while.

After Dave and Beth got to the Flying Monkey I went and picked up Monica and she and I met Dave and Rebecca at the Bob Mould, Kristen Hersh show at the Grog. I was so upset...we got there just as Kristen Hersh ended. She was the real reason I wanted to go to that show. Although it was kinda cool to see Bob Mould. I loved Husker Du. I love Warehouse Songs and Stories although I think most true Du fans love Candy Apple Grey.

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