Friday, November 04, 2005

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Last night Leslie and I decided to go have a drink. She had the opportunity to escape from husband and child for a couple of hours so we chose Johnny Mangos in Willoughby. The one in Ohio City is much hipper...but they do not have the fabulous $1 taco nights like the one in Willoughby. Monica and I go there all the time. Monica discovered the delicious joy of Mimosa there. Sometimes now when Monica's having a bad day she can be heard quietly mumbling (with a heavy Romanian accent) "Meeeemoooosa Amereeeeeeecanaaaah!

I knew of JM's delicious Strawberry Long Island drinks and thought Leslie would like to give 'em a try. We decided to purchase the pitcher. It was a pretty good deal. We had some tacos, fried tofu and icy, fruity drinks.

It was all great fun until Leslie reminded me of something. She remembered that when we first were hanging out together that she complained "in just FOUR YEARS I will be FORTY!" I remember her saying that too. I remember that I was thinking, "that's no big deal, I will be 34. Now come upstairs and let's kiss"

NOW she is complaining that in just four years she will be fifty. Yeah. When she said that I thought, "oh god...that IS a big deal, I will be 44! Now finish your drink so I can go home and go to sleep."

After Johnny Mangos we walked over to the Arabica, had some coffee and then I dropped her off at her house. It was a really good time. I always laugh so much when I hang out with Leslie. She is brilliant artist and a wonderful friend. I am very lucky to have her in my life.

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