Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I feel so good. When I got up this morning I went for a long walk with my little dog.

Usually I just just stumble out of bed, slip on some clog-like foot covering, throw a sweatshirt and sweatpants over my nightime lingerie of inside out t-shirt and boxer shorts. Then I go outside, drag Kozmo across the street to an empty lot, squeeze the poop out of him then start talking up the "wet food" so he will want to run back across the street so I can get back into bed, turn on Katie, Matt and Al.

Today I threw on some sneakers and decided that the little dog and I were going to walk to get today's Plain Dealer. He was quite thrilled about the idea.

It was a great walk. It felt like a November morning. Windy, big gray puffy clouds and chilly. The walk put me in such a good mood. I gotta try and do this every morning.

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