Friday, November 04, 2005

Welcome to the dykehouse

Ya know, I used to be on top of all the hot homo gossip. Not anymore. I JUST found out that Heather Matarazzo came out as a lesbo last summer. I gotta keep up or my membership will be revoked! Okay... here are some other celebs of late to proclaim their love for the ladies.

Cynthia Nixon. I have loved her since the movie Little Darlings where she played the hippie-dippie flower child teenager.

Leslie Gore. It's her party and she'll kiss girls if she wants to, kiss girls if she wants to.

Sheryl Swoopes. A 5-time WNBA All-Star with 3 olympic gold medals. She was one of the first players signed to the WNBA in 1996.

Okay. Now I want you to name 3 or 4 men who are actors or professional athletes on the level these women are on. Name 3 or 4 men who have been honest about who they are and who have come out and fessed up to being a homo. Fessed up BEFORE their career is over!

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