Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve, eve

I finally put up O Tannenbaum. I was dragging my feet on it but Monica was Linus to my Charlie Brown and convinced me to do it.

It's been a very hard year. Family-wise. My father's health has been very bad since the end of August. He took a spill at home and since then has been carted from hospital, to nursing home to hospital to rehab facility.

He's not the same person anymore. Not really 'with it' in any sense. Physically (can't walk or do anything on his own except be in bed and mumble) and mentally he can't get a handle on what month it is or remember the name of he and my mother's dog. (Cheech)

An awful part of all of this is that he is angry and unhappy. We have all tried to placate him and tell him that if he just TRIES to move and do his physical rehab, he will feel better and be able to come home. He angrily tells me that if we just take him home, nobody will be able to help him and then he will "have to get up and do it himself."

Oh this has turned into a sad post. Almost like David Sedaris' "Seasons Greetings to our Friends and Family"

I know that so many people are going through this same thing right now. So many people before me have gone through this. We need to start a co-op. Take turns.

I AM very lucky to have a brother and sister who are doing all that they can too. As corny as it sounds, it really does feel like it has brought us all a bit closer together.

I am sorry for this awful sad (and sadly dull) post. This is what happens when you get out of bed early and sit down at the computer with a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee too early on a Christmas Eve, eve Sunday morning.

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