Thursday, October 27, 2005

Can you hear the beat of my heart?

I just love that Jens Lekman. His new release, "Oh You're So Silent Jens" is fabulous! It's basically a collection of singles, b-sides and live cuts. I listened to a lot of it in my car on the way to work from the radio station. When track #11, "I Saw Her at The Anti-War Demonstration" started I could not stop smiling. I had my windows down and the heat turned up. I love doing that kind of thing when the leaves start to turn and everyone pulls out their favorite sweatshirts and sweaters.

Ya know, Cleveland is at it's most beautiful in mid-October. This is a camera-phone shot outside of WRUW. That's the silvery, rolling, Frank Gehry designed Peter B. Lewis building on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.

A lot of people hate this building. I think it's just beautiful. The only big problem with it that I know of is that in the winter when snow and ice slide off the curvy sides, Case has to block off the sidewalk so nobody gets wonked on the head.

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