Friday, October 21, 2005


Ya know...I have the most beautiful ride home from work on my scooter. I go along Lake Erie most of the way. From the West side to the East side. As I leave work I go along a railroad track. On my way home Wednesday I saw the Barnum and Bailey circus train. I was really surprised to see it. It put me in such a good mood even though I really am not a big fan of circuses. It felt like a nostalgic moment.

That's the one thing my generation (late late-boomers, early X-ers) has had put upon them, nostalgia for things they have not experienced, times they didn't live in. I blame the Baby Boomers for this. Since they are the ones that have been in charge of media, news, etc, most of my life I have grown up hearing about the Beatles, Leave it to Beaver and the 1950s ad-nauseum. "Yeah, remember when you saw the Beatles on Sullivan?" NO! "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" Ummmm I think I was a fetus. I just get so tired of the fetishizing of that time in our country. Sure, amazing things happened...but amazing things happen every day and if we keep looking at the old picture album we are NEVER going to get anywhere.

I think that is why radio got so bad so quick. "I just wanna hear classic rock!!! That's what real rock and roll is!" Said the boomer at the party.

These people don't realize that classic rock was new at one point and people had to take a chance and play it on the radio. If programmers in the 60s and 70s thought like radio programmers in the 80s, we would STILL be listening to nothing but Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra. Instead we still hear too much "classic rock".

Okay...on a lighter note. My pie turned out great! That Scottish-Apple Pie I was talking about earlier. So easy, so simple.

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