Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yes. Today is National Coming Out Day. Monica and I were talking about this today and she was telling me about how when she was at Case, the LGBT group on campus would have events and a lot of the hetero "hipster kids" would participate in the hopes that others thought they were queer. They were all rich, white, straight kids and desperately wanted some sort of "edge".

Monica and I were talking about how that bothered us. Sure they are cool with the gays....they support LGBT folks having the same civil rights as they do. But still...it's annoying. We decided that we will call these kinda people FauxMos®. Like homo....but faux.

I HATE FauxMos®! They use being thought of as queer for their own personal gains...but when it comes down to the wire, they are ALLLLLLLLLLL straight! Oh sure...a few of them had a drunk same sex experience one time in college, or at camp. But who hasn't? (If you say "I haven't!!! You will. It's coming.)

A list of my most hated FauxMos® :
1. Dar Williams
2. Ani Difranco
3. Dennis Rodman
4. David Bowie
5. Madonna
6. Camryn Manheim

etc., etc., etc.

Boy...I am one bitter dyke aren't I? And one more thing while I am on my rant...why don't they make more things that are Teaberry flavored. I just LOVE that flavor!!!

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