Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Stormy weather

Yesterday Kozmo and I stopped at Edgewater park. The lake was so beautiful. Crashing over the rocks. It was gray cold and windy. The gulls were "hunkered down" keeping warm in the grass and about 60 Canadian geese were bunched together trying not to blow way.

I could not resist letting my 6lb chihuahuha go running towards those crabby cold canucks. Kozmo was in heaven! He took off barking like crazy letting them know who's boss. At that moment though I started to worry that a goose was going to grab Kozmo by his collar and fly out over Lake Erie with him. It didn't happen. They all took off. They were floating in the sky at a standstill over the water with their wings fully out because it was so windy. They really stood out against the dark clouds. It looked very cool.

Kozmo and I struggled back to the car in the gusty wind and rain. As I got in the car I was laughing out loud because of how hard it was going against that cold wind. The laughter was an involuntary reaction. Kozmo just looked at me like I was crazy.

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