Tuesday, January 03, 2006

41 is not as funny as 40

Yes. I turned 41 on December 28th.

40 was a sad/funny kinda birthday age to experience.
41 is just sad/sad.

The age that is. I did a lot of nice things to "celebrate". Monica took me to my favorite restaurant, Cafe Tandoor for some wonderful Indian food. We had a great time. A bottle of wine and Butter Chicken. What more could a 41 year old want. Oh. How about Tacos.

I went out with Leslie, Dan P. Ann and Edie for another birthday celebration. We went to $1 taco night at the Johnny Mangos in Willoughby. The one in Ohio City is the hip Johnny Mangos but Willoughby is very cool too. In fact I almost like it more.

Ann and Edie arrived on their bicycles after we had already taken a plunge into the frozen margarita pool and ordered a few tacos. We continued ordering tacos and drinks that night until we were all satisfied.

I did not want gifts but still got some. A delicious bottle of vodka from Dan, a gift card from Crate and Barrel from leslie with a dollar amount MOCKING my old age and wonderful homemade gift from Ann and her sister Joy. A fleece neck gator to wear when I am on my scooter and it's cold. I tried it out already. It really makes a difference. I rode for miles in 30 something weather.

After dinner when we were all getting ready to go and Edie and Ann were getting their bikes ready, Ann presented us all with a gander at her infected toe. She wanted to show us the the hardship she was about to endure on her ride home to Cleveland Heights. I think she also wanted to prove to me that she really "didn't" want to wear Teva sandals and heavy black socks but had to because of the infected toe. Sure Ann.....sure.

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