Thursday, January 12, 2006


Leslie and I went to Leprosy Village the other day. She bought me a Crate and Barrel gift card for my birthday. A dollar for each year. Even though I am very very old, that still doesn't buy much at Crate and Barrel. Why is it so costly to purchase good design? I guess for the same reason a really good painting costs more then a crappy "over the couch ocean waves" painting of the same size.

Anyway, after milling about in C&B for an hour we went over to Joseph-Beth bookstore...more like a "gift shop" if you ask me. As we were walking in, a youngish woman, probably early 20s, had a baby in one of those car seats that turns into a little crate you can carry yr kid in. The baby was tiny.

She walked in ahead of me and let the door fall on the baby crate. The crate was stuck. She jerked it out and looked at the books that were for sale in the lobby between the doors. It seemed as though she didn't want to make eye contact with Leslie and I.

We went in, walked around, sniffed bathsoaps, looked thru overpriced niche magazines and laughed about Joseph Beths having Halloween cookies for sale. Mmmmmmmm FRESH!

The whole time we were doing all that, we noticed the woman with the baby continuing to knock her baby in the baby crate against bookshelves and chairs. I don't know if she even realized she was doing it. Leslie and I went to have a cup of coffee in the store's cafe. Coffee that had the delightful flavor and temperature of a morning cup of Burger King or a BP gas station's brew.

As we sat on the overstuffed and stained couch, Leslie noticed that the woman had LEFT THE BABY in the crate near the magazines. We were just sure at that point that she was going to leave it there. Leslie kept a lookout and noticed that the woman eventually come back to retrieve her child.

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