Monday, January 09, 2006

Olive Garden Snobbery

I hate chain restaurants, but sometimes they are the perfect thing.

Saturday night Monica and I went to the Olive Garden. We were going to go to Corky and Lenny's for some Mish-Mash Matzo Ball, but at the last minute decided we wanted expensive dessert drinks and the anti heart-smart menu choices that we love so much.

The place was packed. We found a place at the bar and ordered drinks. We waited for about 30 minutes or so for a table and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

We (and when I say we...I really mean "I") made fun of a really big butch guy coming up to the bar and ordering a strawberry-mango margarita. He then stood there and sipped from the straw. I wanted to beat him up for being too faggoty. (I am allowed to say that since I am a dykey homo myself and just looooove my faggoty gay brothers.)

We finally got a booth across from a couple (photo at left) that at first I assumed were brother and sister and then thought that they were on their 3rd date....or he was gay. I could not tell. I don't like it when people I am eavesdropping on send me mixed messages. Not fair!

Monica and I had way too many drinks. Actually...I did not have too many..just too fast.

For some reason during the dinner, Monica was showing me how gypsies in her old country of Romania used to beat each other up with their own babies. THAT cannot be true.

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