Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sunshine in January!

We don't see much of that here in Cleveland. But alas! I rode my scooter in to work today to celebrate this tiny spring tease. Look at that blue sky over the Cleveland Museum of Art. I just can't believe it. I have not seen that color for a looong time!

The only bad thing about riding my scooter is that I wanted to stop and get coffee. It's hard to carry coffee on the scooter. I think this summer I may rig up some sort of thing to keep from having to jam everything against the cup to keep it from moving around. It really doesn't work. I hit a pothole on Superior just before the Detroit-Superior bridge and had to pull over to see the caffeinated damage. It wasn't too bad.

As I was surveying the flood, a well-heeled woman of about 50ish came up to me in a frantic state. She needed quarters to park and asked me if I had change for a dollar. I had a quarter and just gave it to her. That didn't seem to help. She was still spazzing. She needed more.

I had more quarters in my backpack but was thinking I did not want to go digging around in it. I was sitting on my scooter and was all zipped up to stay warm.

I decided to search for change anyway and came up with 4 more quarters. She was VERY happy!
"You are heaven-sent!" "You are an angel!" "And I love your scooter!"

Guess which comment made me the happiest.

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