Wednesday, January 04, 2006

G, D, C

This past Saturday morning I went to visit my brother and his kids. My brother wanted me to help his son Alex learn a few chords on his new electric guitar. He promised breakfast in payment.

Alex got bored really quick with the lesson. I tried to make it fun and easy but he was not having it. After a while Mike took the guitar and we tried to play together a bit. Mike knows nothing but the first 5 notes of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. After he did that a few times, a few dozen times... I taught him a few chords and we "jammed".

We made up a song called Pony Girl for his 3 year old daughter Emma who is turning out to be one of those "horsey girls". She will be the first one I have ever been related to. Most horsey girls seem to come from rich, thin, Protestant families. We are none of those.

Emma loved the song and played the tambourine to it. The photo is of me and the horsey girl.

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