Friday, January 27, 2006

Spaghetti Squash

Last night I made spaghetti squash for dinner. It was sooo damn good. Ya cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and the inside guts part. It looks a little like a cantaloupe with pumpkin seeds. Get 'em all out.

Put the half squash in a glass pie plate or something with sides. Put in a bit of water, like a quarter cup or so. Place some plastic wrap over the whole thing and stab a couple of steam holes in the plastic. Then put it in the microwave oven for 13 minutes on high.

Okay, now go into your livingroom and turn on the TV. Channel surf a bit. Stop at "RoomRaiders". The MTV show that features bimbos and himbos repeating trite phrases back and forth to each other.

Bimbo: "He sure likes blue shirts!"

Himbo: "Yeah...I like blue shirts!"

Bimbo: "I'd like to take off those blue shirts!"

Himbo: "yeahhhhhhhh...I'd take off those blue shirts!" Followed by a bunch of awkward high-fives.

Hear the microwave beep. Skip into the kitchen and get the spaghetti sauce out. Pour some of it into a coffee mug that you do not love (just in case of tomato sauce staining), put a napkin or coffee filter over the mug.

Open the microwave to put the mug 'o spaghetti sauce in and realize that the squash is still in there. Put the mug 'o sauce down. Go to take the squash out and use some choice interjections,(DANG! JEEZ! RATS!) as you touch the glass that has been in the microwave for 13 minutes. Get the potholders and CAREFULLY remove the squash. Ya don't want any of that leftover water spilling out on ya.

NOW put that spaghetti sauce in the microwave, tuck the napkin under the mug so it doesn't slip around during the microwave's spin cycle and hit 1:30 on the timer.

Okay, now grab a fork and an oven mitt. Carefully flip over the spaghetti squash using the fork and yr mitted hand. Take the fork and start scraping out the squash guts. It really does look like spaghetti. Put all the guts in a bowl. Grab some dried pepper flakes and sprinkle them in the spaghetti squash. Don't be stingy with the pepper, sprinkle, sprinkle! Stir it around with the fork.

Get the spaghetti sauce out of the microwave, stir it in the mug a bit and pour over your delicious bowl of squash.

It tastes sooooo good. Almost better then pasta I think. The texture is a kinda crunchy and fresh.

After I finished with my Cucurbita meal I did another rubber stamp carving. I call it: Windham Skyscraper. I printed it over a CHEEZY watercolor sunset.

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