Monday, January 30, 2006

His Name is Alive in Cleveland.

Monica and I went to see Low and His Name is Alive at the Grog Shop on Saturday night.

I have seen Low a few times but have never got the chance to see HNIA. They didn't play very long. Although the very last song they played is one of my favorites. It's on their most recent release called Detrola. The song is called "In My Dream".

Okay...I like to see bands live. I love it actually, but I cannot deal with shows not starting til midnight. The headliners that is. What the hell is up with that? What would be so horrible if the show started at 8pm? That way the headliner would start around 10ish.

Am I bitching about this because of my age? Nah. I have never been a night person. My going to shows that start around midnight would be the equivalent of all you night owls going to a show that starts at 5:30am. A Rock and Roll breakfast show. That would be interesting. The bar would serve coffee and Mimosas. Instead of french fries you could buy pancakes.

I think the only kink in this plan is talking a band into doing a breakfast show.

After HNIA finished their set Monica and I went and sat down in the back of the Grog Shop. Rebecca and her pal Megan joined us. Eventually Neal from the station came back there and introduced me to a guy that wanted to meet me. He said I inspired him to do his radio show on WJCU. He was a nice kid. Neal is always bringing people up to meet me who listen to my show. That makes me very nervous.

Other WRUW people at the show were Tom, Tran and someone else whose name I don't know. She is standing next to Tran in the picture.

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