Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Isn't this weather amazing? Ya gotta love that global warming! Ugh.

It is in the 50s today and just MIGHT be in the 60s tomorrow. I feel wacked out when this happens. I get an EXTREME case of spring fever. I do baaaaaaad things. I think this happens to a lot of Clevelanders. When we get a warm weather tease anytime between January 1st and April 1st we sneak out of work, listen to music too loud, wear inappropriate clothing, kiss strangers, etc.

I may ride my scooter to work tomorrow. I took it out last night for a quick buzz around the neighborhood. I stopped at Deb and Eric's house and dropped off a mixed cd I made for them. Deb was asking me what Holly Golightly was like so I threw a few of her songs on the cd, a couple of Headcoatees and 2 of my favorite Headcoats songs. It's a great mix. Perfect for this premature spring fever breakout.

I think Holly Golightly should be the official band of this whole RollerDerby resurgence.

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