Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Okay...now it's 2006

I can't believe it. I think the only people that can't believe another year has passed are old people. Me. Old. Ugh.

The reason I have not been back updating my blog is because I have had some very serious back trouble. I have never really had that before and used to roll my eyes at people that complained about back aches all the time. I have now been schooled.

Christmas, my birthday and New Years Eve was very nice. I spent all three holidays with loved ones.

Christmas Eve, Monica and I exchanged gifts at her new fabulous place. She made crepes for Kozmo and I. Deelish. That night, on Christmas Eve, we decided we wanted to drive to downtown Cleveland and look at the lights on Public Square and then maybe go have a drink somewhere. Guess what....NOTHING was open. After driving around the square a couple of times we decided we were hungry and ended up at Diana's on W.117th street in Lakewood. A greasy spoon in an old Red Barn shaped restaurant. It is a hangout for AA folks grabbing a bite after their meeting. I think it's because there seems to be a PRO-smoking attitude there.

Anyway, the place was packed. We were there around 11:30pm. Our waitress was so nice, even tho her hair was pulled back into a very, very tight bun that was about 7 inches tall on the top of her head. It looked like a hair cactus.

I had a fish sandwich and Monica had a much regretted chicken fried steak. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

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