Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Take the Romainians bowling, take them bowling.

On Saturday night Monica and I went out to eat at an expensive restaurant. We spent about $50 more then we had expected to. The meal was good, but not THAT good. My favorite thing about the restaurant is that I felt like a teen while I was there. I was probably 20 years younger then the youngest patron in the place.

After dinner I found out that Monica had NEVER been in a bowling alley. So of course I had to take her bowling.

When we got there it was packed. It was league night. We were told to come back in about an hour and we could get a lane. We decided to go get a drink somewhere and comeback. On the way out to the car I found something else out about Monica. She had never been inside a rollerskating rink before!

There was one right next door to the bowling alley so we went there instead of drinking. I knew that we would have to pay to even just walk in so as we did I told Monica to "play along".

When we got in I told the woman at the door that my friend from Romainia wanted to see what a roller rink was and could we just go in a look around.

The woman said "Where is she from?"

I said "Romania"

She shrugged and said okay.

The music in that place was just THUMPIN! Monica loved it and wanted to rent roller skates. She has never roller skated before. She ice skates quite regularly, but roller skating I think is a bit different.

She rented the skates and teetered around the rink a few times. I don't think she will be joining the Ohio Roller Girls any time soon. It was fun to watch the 13 or 14 year olds dancing on their skates to the music. They were really good.

After that we went back and hit the lanes. I think my high score was 70-something. Monica's was 33. Sad. Very sad.

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